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234 Nigerian girls were girls were kidnapped by an extremist group called the boko haram this month. Few have escaped, the majority has not. Please spread to word to create an international outcry because out government isn’t doing enough.

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traveling by Samuel Chamul on Flickr.


The Robin.

As completely unrealistic and unbelievable as this sequence is, it still made me smile.

(Source: daenerys-targaryen, via mouthyashell)


untitled by alexis mire on Flickr.


I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.

You ALWAYS think you can get away with so much shit. And you always do. Then when I decide to COMPLETELY erase you out of my life, you decide to get pissed, then you go around saying that I dislike you for no reason. You talk shit about everyone all the time, you stalk everyone on the internet, and you blog about me. I HATE YOU AND I HAVE MY REASONS. so stfu already. AND FUCK OFF.