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traveling by Samuel Chamul on Flickr.


The Robin.

As completely unrealistic and unbelievable as this sequence is, it still made me smile.

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I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.

You ALWAYS think you can get away with so much shit. And you always do. Then when I decide to COMPLETELY erase you out of my life, you decide to get pissed, then you go around saying that I dislike you for no reason. You talk shit about everyone all the time, you stalk everyone on the internet, and you blog about me. I HATE YOU AND I HAVE MY REASONS. so stfu already. AND FUCK OFF.

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I want you too suffer they way I did every day of our relationship. I want you to feel like your going to fail, and be alone forever. I want you to love me.I want to break your heart, and make you as emotionless as I am. Then I will be happy.

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